The Federal Tax Authority (“FTA”)

Reconsiderations User Guide
For Registered and Non-registered users

The Federal Tax Authority (“FTA”) has recently issued the Reconsiderations User Guide for Registered and Non-registered users to guide them to successfully complete their Reconsiderations form. This guide will explain the process and procedure for submission of the reconsideration request for tax-registered and non-registered users. The reconsideration application form was initially accessible on the FTA’s website, but now made accessible through the FTA e-Services portal. It is now required to create an e-Services account and a taxable person account in order to access the Reconsideration form. Now tracking of reconsideration request and to providing additional information to the FTA on request will be done through the e-service portal.

Filling of reconsideration application and supporting documents in English is now possible, however, in case of filing an objection to the TDRC, it is still required to have the application and all relevant documents legally translated into Arabic. The Reconsideration form is also designed to be straightforward and wherever possible it will auto-complete information for the registered applicants.

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