Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting is the process of tracking all income earned and expenses incurred whereas Book – Keeping services are the process of keeping records of financial transactions. Outsourcing of accounting and book-keeping services assures the business of obtaining professional services, complying with all the laws, standards, and requirements of the Land. KSG in-house qualified accountants with experience in different industries will assure you accounting records would comply with the applicable accounting standards.

Our Accounting and Book Keeping Service covers:

Outsourced Payroll Services

We provide professional and timely payroll services across the UAE, maintaining complete confidentiality, accuracy and detailed reporting. Our payroll service includes. Outsourcing your payroll processing to KSG Professional Team can be beneficial.

Our customized payroll solutions to clients include:

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Financial Audit Support

Financial audit implies an examination of the books of accounts and other relevant records. KSG audit liaison services partner firm is authorised to conduct Statutory Audit for mainland and free zones companies. KSG Audit support team committed to providing exceptional service quality which goes far beyond regulatory demands. We aim to increase transparency and build stakeholder trust in your organisation. Our associated team guided by the KSG professional team ensure that requirements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), auditing standards, and relevant legal provisions are properly complied with.

Our Business Expansion Advisory covers:

Stock Audit and Verification

Stock Verification or Stocktaking is a physical checking of stock of goods or inventory in the store after a regular interval of time. Periodic physical review of inventory helps identify variances between physical and book quantities and assists in evaluating internal control on movement, accounting and safeguarding of inventory. Our KSG Professional team can assist you in inventory verification and provide more insights into your stock, along with a proper reconciliation of the existing stock records.

Our Stock Audit and Verification service covers:


IFRS Advisory Services

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is the globally accepted Accounting standard based on which companies are preparing and presenting their financial statements. Financial statements prepared in accordance with the IFRS are globally acceptable and more reliable. KSG professional team will help to assess the potential impact these standards could have on the financial statements of the organisation and be prepared for the challenges that they may face due to the changes.

Our IFRS Advisory Services Includes: