Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is a crucial assessment of the financial health of a business. The company’s historical and current financial performance is put under the microscope in order to establish future forecasts and identify any potential risks. The financial due diligence process also involves analysis of major customer accounts, fixed and variable cost analysis, analysis of profit margins, and examination of internal control procedures. At KSG our financial due diligence checklist covers everything you need to prepare or review (depending on whether you’re sell or buy-side) during an M&A deal.

Our Financial Due Diligence includes:

Tax Due Diligence

The acquisition, disposition, or restructuring of a business can create significant opportunities, as well as significant tax exposure. Both companies and individuals must confront numerous and complex tax issues, engaging with tax specialists at an early stage will allow you to factor in tax risks at the negotiation phase. KSG tax transaction specialists have vast expertise in all areas of tax, including corporation tax, VAT, customs and games duties, employment taxes and stamp taxes. The focus of tax due diligence is on historical compliance and the identifying and quantifying tax exposures.

Our Tax Due Diligence services include:


Legal Due Diligence

A crucial stage of any M&A transaction, an Legal Due Diligence is essentially a legal review of documents and information on the Target Company or assets. An investor must know beforehand the legal and regulatory risks and liabilities associated with acquiring a target company or purchasing assets in the UAE. Our KSG Legal Team is well equipped to analyse, assess, and describe those risks and would recommend mitigating measures to be implemented

Our Legal Due Diligence services include:

Operational Due Diligence

Our operational due diligence assistance focuses on operating cost and capital expenditure and involves analyses of historical and current operating performance (processes) of the Target Company as well as identification of potential synergies that might be achieved as a result of the considered transaction. Our analysis supports the identification of operating bottlenecks, the assessment of the capability of current and planned operations to support the target’s projected volumes and the evaluation of potential capital expenditure requirements.

Our Operational Due Diligence services include:


Post-Merger Integration

Corporate and private equity buyers must address integration issues quickly and early on the transaction in order to realise full value of the investment. Our KSG advisory service relates to multidisciplinary assistance to help you generate increased value from the deal. We help to integrate new business while preserving “business as usual” performance. We would also benefit from the understanding of the business gained during due diligence process in order to best determine post-merger approach.

Our Post-Merger Integration services include: